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Gate.io | Release of iOS 3.0.8 Version and Addition of a Liquidity Mining Function

2021-09-14 10:11:35Read:26617

In order to enable users to have a better experience, Gate.io has released the IOS 3.0.8 version of the mobile App. This new version has functions such as liquidity mining, optimization of copy trading, spot contract trading, and flash swap with one-click. These additional features provide users with more professional experience and high quality services related to trading.

Download link: https://www.gate.io/mobileapp

Link to download the iOS version of Gate.io App: https://www.gate.io/help/guide/17284

App updates:

I. Liquidity Mining
1. Add liquidity mining of Finance and other functions.
2. Add the list function of the liquidity mining market to sort by total liquidity, accumulated bonus pool, today's APR, 7-Day annualized yield.
3. The liquidity market supports users to filter the market filter of “my mining pools”.
4. The liquidity market supports users to utilize the function of searching markets.
5. Add a liquidity mining account to the financial account of Wallet. You can view the participating liquidity market and perform the functions of addition, redemption and bill viewing for markets.
6. Users can view the current liquidity market overview, historical revenue and other information in the liquidity mining details page.
7. Users can add market liquidity to the liquidity market in proportion with the liquidity mining addition function.
8. Users can redeem the added liquidity market with the liquidity mining redemption function.
9. Users can view and add redemption records and reward distribution records and support filtering according to time and market with the bill record function.
10. The reward extraction function supports users to extract rewards through manual extraction and automatic distribution.

II. Flash Swap
1. Add flash swap, preview and other functions.
2. Flash swap trading history.

III. Quantization
1. Add close position recording function.
2. Transfer record UI and interaction optimization.
3. CTA and configuration strategy UI and interaction optimization.
4. Add strategy sharing function.

IV. Spot and Contracts
1. Add the switching function of each gear and cumulative mode for spot & contract depth and quantity.
2. Contract trading - interactive optimization of close position.
3. The switching from high magnification to low magnification, margin reduction prompt and logic optimization.
4. Add optional function in contract K line page.

V. Others
1. Optimize rise and fall logic in preference setting
2. Speed measurement function and UI optimization
3. Add a market tracker.
4. Update big data section.
5. Data analysis section is changed to a big data view.
6. Adapt security items.
7. Fix known problems.

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Gate.io Team

September 14, 2021

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