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Setup Two Factor Authentication
Updated at:1163 days 11 hours ago
1.Go to Settings> Two Factor Authentication page.
2.Download Google authenticator to your device.
3.Access to Google Authenticator app and click +.
You may select Scan a barcode to create an account. Or choose Enter a provided key to create an account manually.
To enter a provided key manually, create an account name yourself and enter the key on Two Factor Authentication page and then click Add. This account should be Time Based.

4 Copy the Key or save the QR code and save safely as a backup. You may use it to restore your account if your device is reset or lost.
5.Enter the dynamic code generated and fund password to setup your two factor authentication.

Once the Two-Factor authentication is enabled, you will need it when log in and withdraw.
If any of the above steps fail, or if you happen to see any error notifications returned, please get in touch with support and describe the error in as much detail as possible.
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