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How to Withdraw
Updated at:1163 days 13 hours ago
1. Go to Wallet and search for the coin you are going to withdraw.
2. Click Withdraw button to access to its withdrawal page.
3. Fill the form and submit it.
For some coins, a tag/memo/message is also required besides the address.Enter the tag/memo/message in the Address field.
Format: Account name[space]Memo

Take XRP as an example:

XRP withdraw
Enter your destination address and tag on the XRP Address blank in the format address space tag, such as
rGDqRw6JcoRaW5xbwd5hfiQ6C89NNU2iyu 147207807
If you are withdrawing to your local wallet and do not need a tag to receive it.You may specify a tag yourself as long as it is an integer.
Address Deion is here to help you mark your destination address.You may enter word like My local wallet, X exchange wallet, etc.
Amount:Enter the amount you want to withdraw. please note, the amount should not exceed your available balance. As the available balance is a rounded figure, you may deduct from it a little or enter the amount with less decimal places if there is any amount error message. Your withdrawal fee is deducted from the amount you are withdrawing directly and you do not have to leave it aside in advance.
Fund password: Fund password is the password for withdrawing and trading, different from your login password. If you forgot it, you may reset it with your email.
SMS Code: Enter SMS code if you have linked your phone number with your account. (If not, leave blank)
The code is sent to your phone number via short message.If it is not received immediately, you may wait for a while before trying to get a new one.
TOTP: Enter TOTP code if you have enabled the 2FA with your google authentication app. (If not,leave blank)
The TOTP code is Time-based One-time Password generated from your google authentication app for your account. If the code is invalid, you may sync the time on your app and try again.
Click Submit to submit your withdrawal request. And our will send your withdrawal transaction to your receiving address shortly.
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