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Why I am blocked from withdrawing for 24 hours?
Updated at:475 days 11 hours ago

“Your account safety settings change detected. To protect your funds, the withdrawal is disabled for 24 hours.”

If you see this message, just wait and try again when the 24 hours period passes.

Why this message?

If you have setup, changed or reset any security settings, your withdrawal will be suspended for 24 hours. This is part of our protective measure to further protect your account.

After 24 hours (starting from the time you made the security change),you can withdraw smoothly.

How to Check at exact what time I made such change?

You may also access to your account and check Security Logs for your recent security activities. Account Setting > Security Setting>Security Logs

Can I remove that 24 hours’ suspension?

Sorry, you can not remove it as it is a protective measure. In the case the change is made by a bad guy, the real holder can have time to stop it.

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