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How to Borrow USDG with GT as collateral?
Updated at:165 days 6 hours ago
1. On Website, hover your cursor over“Finance” on homepage and choose “ Crypto Loan” from the displaying screen. Search “USDG” in the search box to access “USDG Crypto Loan” page (

2. Click “I want to borrow “ button.

3. Enter the USDG amount you want to borrow on the “Borrow Amount” box, and choose a Collateralization Ratio. The GT collateral required for your loan will auto-fill the blank.

4. Click “Confirm Loan”.
5. You will be asked to enter fund password. And confirm again.
6. A successfully message will display. And you will see a record of loan under Loan to Repay.
You can click the Repay button to repay when you want to repay your loan later.

App Users
1. Tap “All” icon on upper part of the markets screen.

2. Tap “ Crypto Loan”.

3. Tap the grey reverse triangle icon beside the USDT on the top-right corner and select “ USDG” from the droplist.

4. Click the section below Borrow USDG to access to Borrow USDG page.

5. Enter the USDG amount to borrow and choose a collateralization ratio. The GT collateral required will auto-fil the box.

6. Click Borrow Now button.
7. Enter the fund password if it is required and confirm.

8. A successfully message will display. Tap Repay tab on the top of the screen and a new loan record will display there.

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